Our Product Hunt Launch Story 😻

Product Hunt has become the de facto source for new and upcoming technology products.

Our Product Hunt Launch Story 😻
Product Hunt has become the de facto source for new and upcoming technology products.

On May 3rd, we decided to launch Codegiant on Product Hunt and we were featured as the #4 Product of the day.

We want to recap the day and talk about how we pulled off a successful launch and how the launch helped us.

About Codegiant

We’ve been building Codegiant — a pretty Jira alternative that is free, easy to use and includes more software development tools. Our team has been working tirelessly on building this product to make software development easier.

Codegiant is an end-to-end software development platform with features such as issue tracker, hosted git repositories, continuous integration and documentation. The platform is free forever for up to 5 users. Beyond that, we have a very fair pricing model and we’re focused on building a better UI/UX.

Having a great product makes marketing less about “selling” and more about educating your target audience and spreading the word. Still, no matter how great your product is, if no-one knows it exists, no-one will use it.

Our product is awesome! Thanks to our engineering team and our beta users. So, our job was already half done.

We were now looking for a good channel to spread the word and get our most valuable initial users. Product Hunt was the obvious platform to choose for the launch. We’re going to talk about some tips and also the results.

Product Hunt Launch Tips

If you are launching on Product Hunt, there are a few things to ensure you have an effective launch day -

1. Upload important information —

You must ensure that your product listing is updated with high quality screenshots, video, social media handles and a good tagline.

2. Add maker comments —

This is really important. The maker must highlight the story behind why you built the product and how it will help it’s users. Request genuine feedback from the PH community members.

Maker comments by the product maker on Product Hunt

3. Announce your launch -

Let your users know that you have launched on the PH community.

4. Listen to feedback and improve -

The community members provide brilliant feedback to allow the makers to improve the product. We got amazing feedback from community members and we addressed them.

Useful feedback from a PH Community member

5. Strengthen your support

On the day of launch, we got 2.5k unique website visitors and our Intercom was flooded with messages. We had sleepless nights in attending visitors and handling responses. We got very interesting feedback from our users and got to know a lot of things that we had to improve on.

The Results

Time to check the results now. Before that, a big thanks to all our users who upvoted our product and supported us with useful feedback.

Post the successful launch, here is what we had -

  • 450+ user sign ups 🚀
  • 2.5k website visitors on the launch day + more visits on subsequent days
  • Valuable feedback from top product hunters
  • Got noticed by Siftery and they featured us -
  • Plenty of useful mentions on social media
  • Bring It On Mode — Motivation to work harder and deliver more

What’s Next?

Through Codegiant, we are going to continue making the agile software development process better and easier. We will keep improving the product by adding useful features such as code coverage and more developer focussed tools. Our platform will continue to remain more people focussed, and less process focussed.

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Do you like our mission at making software development great again and want to help us succeed? We’re looking for talented ReactJS developers to join our team. We promise you will love the culture. If you’re interested, do write to us at jobs@codegiant.io